1. Invasive mussels impact Great Lakes’ salmonid success - Changes in the ecosystem of Lake Michigan suggest that it would be more suitable to stock with lake trout and steelhead rather than Chinook salmon, according to a new study.
  2. IFFO conference: speakers revealed - Speakers for the upcoming 57th IFFO Annual Conference are set to include Andy Bing (Loch Duart), Christian Martin (DSM), John Connelly (US National Fisheries Institute), Ray Hilborn (University of Was…
  3. Algal producer ups DHA ante - Up to 60,000 tonnes of an algal extract that contains at least 24 percent DHA could be made available annually to the aquaculture industry by ADM Animal Nutrition.
  4. New generation of Hydrolicer launched - The latest and largest Hydrolicer model, which can delouse 350 tonnes of salmon per hour, is on display at this year's Aqua Nor.
  5. Lice laser going "full throttle" - Interest in and uptake of Stingray's louse laser is continuing to gain momentum at an impressive rate, according to the company's General Manager, John Arne Breivik.
  6. New Benchmark solution allows salmon farmers to delouse without affecting the environment - CleanTreat cleanses the treatment water after delousing in well boats, and the water is clean before it is released back into the fjords. The solution allows salmon farmers to use medical treatments a…
  7. Shrimp thrive on fishmeal replacement - Whiteleg shrimp fed a diet including a new microbial protein have been shown to outperform those given standard fishmeal-based feeds.
  8. New player joins Mediterranean fish health scene - Vaccination specialist Aqualife Services has launched a new European fish health and welfare service.
  9. Gael Force secure prestigious order to supply Marine Harvest Scotland with feed barges - ​Gael Force Group, trusted Scottish manufacturer and supplier of aquaculture equipment, technology and services, is announcing today that they have secured a prestigious new order, to build and supply…
  10. New issue of Sustainable Aqua Magazine now available - The latest issue of Sustainable Aquaculture Magazine is now available online.

Articles and Market Reports

  1. Fish health conference will be a boost to Belfast - The biennial gathering of the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP), hosted by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), is taking place in Belfast in September – the first time North…
  2. Women thrive in Brazilian aquaculture - Aquaculture offers a raft of new opportunities for women in Latin America, according to Hideyoshi Segovia Uno, Commercial and Operations Manager of Spring Genetics.
  3. Prize-winning abstracts: Swansea University - The following are the prize-winning abstracts from Swansea University's inaugural award Best Dissertation on Aquaculture and Fisheries, sponsored by 5m Publishing.
  4. Mine over matter - How a mining by-product could revolutionise phosphorous removal from aquaculture systems
  5. How mussel farms can boost biodiversity - Offshore longline mussel farming can have a positive impact on biodiversity, according to a research project that is currently underway off the south coast of England.
  6. Perrin lands top job in aquaculture insurance - Sunderland Marine has appointed Duncan Perrin as aquaculture manager at the company’s head office in Newcastle.
  7. Injuries in farmed Atlantic salmon associated with handling and pen furniture - An increase in both handling frequency and the amount of furniture in net pens have combined to create a rising number of hazards for farmed fish. However, there are ways of minimising injuries, expla…
  8. Are smarter fish happier fish? - There is increasing evidence that farmers can augment brain growth in their fish by mimicking aspects of their natural habitat in farm sites. But, from a welfare point of view, are bigger brains a ble…
  9. Europe's first farmed yellowtail nears commercial launch - One of the planet’s most sought-after sashimi species could hold the key to profitable land-based aquaculture, according to the head of Kingfish Zeeland.
  10. Urchin confidential - Samantha Andrews blind tastes sea urchin roes on behalf of The Fish Site.