1. 1.5 million tonnes of seafood now BAP certified - Over 2000 aquaculture facilities, including 1,534 farms, achieved Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification by the end of 2018 – a 29 per cent increase compared to 2017.
  2. Aker launches "industry-defining" krill harvesting vessel - Aker BioMarine's krill harvesting vessel, The Antarctic Endurance, as been launched by Ernest Shackleton's grand-daughter at a ceremony in Ålesund this week.
  3. Berlin to host RAS conference - This year's NordicRAS conference is taking place in Berlin in the run-up to AE2019.
  4. Breeding programme draws to a close - A project that has improved the breeding of six key European fish species is coming to an end this month.
  5. Judges announced for 2019 Aquaculture Awards - The judging panel for the 2019 Aquaculture Awards has been announced today, at a time when aquaculture companies around the world are busily preparing their entries and nominations before the 1 March …
  6. Essential oils outperform antibiotics - Four plant-based essential oils have been shown to be effective alternatives to antibiotics for treating a range of commonly-occurring pathogens in farmed fish.
  7. Entries sought for innovation award - Aquaculture companies and individuals are invited to apply for the NOK 100,000 (£9,091) Nor Fishing Innovation Award.
  8. Are crayfish farmers overfeeding? - A new study suggests that Chinese crayfish producers would improve the performance of their farms and their finances if they relied more on natural food items and less on the provision of supplementar…
  9. Salt shown to improve arapaima farms - Brazilian researchers have shown that the growth and survival of Arapaima gigas larvae can be improved by adding salt to hatchery water.
  10. Storm sinks Scottish feed barge - A feed barge at a Mowi salmon site off the coast of South Uist has sunk after taking on water.

Articles and Market Reports

  1. Women in Aquaculture: Yukiko Furukawa - Seaweed aquaculture is prominent across Japan, but in the southern prefecture of Saga it has a particularly successful history. Home to seaweed farming for more than a century, Saga faces the Ariake …
  2. Africa’s tilapia farmers rise to Chinese challenge - A growing number of fish farmers from across Africa are putting pressure on their governments to take action against imported Chinese tilapia.
  3. Women in aquaculture: Marie-Aude Danguy - Originally from Brittany, Marie-Aude Danguy has been living and working in Ireland since the 1990s. She began working with a group of local shellfish farmers before establishing her own company, Trisk…
  4. How aquaponics can spare Ugandan farmers from drought - Aquaponics is helping to keep farmers in drought-ravaged parts of Uganda alive, according to Dr Aisha Nalwoga, a fisheries officer with the Water Governance Institute.
  5. Why community’s at the heart of Scottish salmon farming - In the fourth installment of the series, Mowi (formerly known as Marine Harvest) farm technician Clara McGhee discusses her fish farm's integral place in a small island community.
  6. Pooling knowledge: practice ponds help spread success - How an aquaculture training initiative in the Niger Delta is helping Nigerian fish farmers to earn a good living.
  7. Bringing bivalve aquaculture out of its shell - The true value of cultured bivalves such as mussels and oysters is chronically underestimated, according to a new report.
  8. A 45-year perspective on aquafeeds - After 45 years in aquaculture, recently retired BioMar feed executive Niels Alsted speaks to The Fish Site about evolution of the aquaculture industry, the advantages of RAS and why insects are likely…
  9. Women in aquaculture: Professor Felicity Huntingford - The emeritus professor of functional ecology at the University of Glasgow, who is one of the world’s preeminent experts on fish behaviour, discusses salmon welfare, nesting sticklebacks… and a near de…
  10. Asian aquaculture: trends for 2019 - Aquaculture and environmental consultants Jonah van Beijnen and Gregg Yan outline some of the key developments they expect to take place in the Asian aquaculture sector in the year ahead.