1. Closed salmon system opens for business - Cermaq has transferred its first batch of smolt into the world’s largest flexible closed containment system, which has the capacity to hold 400 tonnes of salmon.
  2. Women in Seafood: film winners announced - The winners of a competition for short films that focus on women in the seafood industry have been announced today.
  3. Fish waste fuels island economy - Salmon waste is helping to provide power to the Isle of Lewis, thanks to a recent upgrade of its main waste processing facility.
  4. Algae is chief suspect in mass salmon mortality - An outbreak of algae – possibly caused by agricultural run-off – is suspected as the cause of 750,000 mortalities at a salmon farm in the Faroe Islands last week.
  5. Broodstock adds to RAS investments - Seafood investor Broodstock Capital has acquired 50 perent of water treatment company NP Innovation, a leading supplier of water treatment technologies for aquaculture systems.
  6. Salmon gill health project launched - A three-year project that aims to help alleviate gill disease in farmed salmon, largely by focusing on net management strategies, has been launched today.
  7. Companies collaborate over aquaculture efficiency - A project that aims to develop a new innovative software tool to reduce the environmental footprint of the aquaculture industry and optimise efficiencies in the sector is currently being developed by …
  8. New standard set for Mediterranean species - The ASC has today announced the launch of a new standard for the production of sea bass, sea bream and meagre.
  9. Ireland welcomes aquaculture entrepreneurs - An international selection of aquaculture start-ups operating in disciplines such as agtech, analytics and AI arrived in Cork this week to begin Ireland’s first accelerator programme for aquaculture.
  10. Salmon body boosts sustainability credentials - The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) has recruited Anne Anderson from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to be its inaugural director of sustainability.

Articles and Market Reports

  1. Women in aquaculture: Shweta Vakil - Shweta Vakil, director of one of India's largest aquaculture companies, explains how her role involves working with hatcheries, farmers and the post-production sector to take shrimps “from farm to for…
  2. Geneticist plans tilapia feed efficiency gains - A project which aims to selectively breed feed-efficient lines of tilapia in order to improve the economic viability of aquaculture in areas where feed is expensive and scarce has recently been launch…
  3. Fish and chips: how computer analytics can transform aquaculture - Tony Chen, founder of Manolin, explains why he ditched working for Uncle Sam in favour of joining an aquaculture accelerator, even though he’s better at managing data than fish
  4. Rice-fish project lifts 10,000 out of poverty - A trial involving the introduction of loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) into terraced fields previously used solely for rice production has lifted more than 10,000 people out of poverty in two years.…
  5. Women in aquaculture: Liris Maduningtyas - Liris Maduningtyas, entrepreneur, shrimp farmer and CEO of Jala Tech, outlines how she plans to use data mining to improve shrimp health in Indonesia and beyond.
  6. Study sheds new light on intensification of aquaculture - Relatively simple changes to fish farming technology and management practices could help the global transition to increasingly intensive forms of aquaculture become more sustainable, according to new …
  7. Aquaculture in action: seeding the future with seasonal loans - A new trial which is helping to finance small-scale fish farmers in Sierra Leone has enabled them to grow their businesses and boost household consumption of fish
  8. Study backs benefits of small-scale commercial aquaculture - The true value of small-scale commercial aquaculture as a means of generating rural development and reducing poverty has been revealed in a new academic study.
  9. Breeding programmes prove their worth - The benefits that salmon farmers obtain by sourcing their stocks from cutting-edge breeding programmes are chronically undervalued, according to a new study.
  10. The Last word in farm management - Sarah Last explains how she helped to transform the fortunes of one of the most isolated, technologically challenging and logistically complicated salmon farms in Scotland.