1. INVE signs distribution agreement with Escama Forte in Brazil - Combined teams will provide intensive technical support to customers.
  2. Assessing the market for live storage of captured cod - A project investigating how keeping trawler-caught cod alive can increase their value is now underway in Norway.
  3. Nonprofit will develop and disseminate disease-resistant tilapia - Feed efficiency and disease resistance seen as just as crucial as growth rates.
  4. WWF calls for intensification of shrimp production - Conservation organisation concedes value of intensive production of shrimp.
  5. Russia to exploit Far Eastern aquaculture potential - The Russian authorities believe that aquaculture is the key to enhancing fish and seafood production in the far east of the country, writes Jaroslaw Adamowski.
  6. Gael Force puts a marker in the ground with launch of new products at Aqua Nor. - Revealed as one of the main exhibitors on the Scottish Pavillion, Gael Force will officially launch their new offshore feed system.
  7. Gulf of Mexico shrimp threatened by low oxygen forecast - This summer’s Gulf of Mexico dead zone – an area of low to no oxygen that can kill fish and other marine life – will be approximately 8,185 square miles, or about the size of New Jersey.
  8. Medicinal sea lice treatments drop by 27 percent in Scotland - Investments in cleanerfish and mechanical sea lice removal pay off.
  9. Chilean antibiotics still a major concern - Antibiotic use in Chilean salmon production is still unacceptable, warns Oceana, despite 15 percent drop last year.
  10. Study raises key fish welfare issues - A project involving Nofima, IMR and Norecopa suggests it can be more ethical to increase the number of fish used in trials.

Articles and Market Reports

  1. A simple solution to Chile’s SRS epidemic - Vaccines and traditional control methods have failed to stop SRS from threatening Chile’s aquaculture industry. But a research student in Canada might just have found a simple solution to the devastat…
  2. Mixed fortunes for EU's organic aquaculture - Producers of some species struggle to recoup the costs.
  3. Danes to descend on Aqua Nor en masse - Nearly 30 Danish aquaculture suppliers will be exhibiting at their national pavilion at this year’s Aqua Nor tradeshow.
  4. Top class tilapia due for Brazilian launch - The first batches of Nile tilapia from FAI's newly established Brazilian fish farm are due on the market this spring.
  5. Feeding Ghana’s aquacultural growth - Ensuring a better feed supply - both commercial and self-formulated - is vital to allow Ghana's fledgling aquaculture sector to grow.
  6. Alaska to exploit Chinese appetite for salmon offcuts - Alaskans make no bones about Chinese salmon market.
  7. Gallery: Aquaculture UK Conference 2017 - Highlights from "Working Together", the inaugural Aquaculture UK Conference 2017 at the University of Stirling.
  8. Zimbabwe embarks on ambitious tilapia programme - 1.5 million tilapia to be stocked in a Mugabe-backed project.
  9. How sponges adapt to climate change - The success of coral sponges in Bocas Del Toro is due to more than the absence of El Niño, according to Dr Bill and Gladys McGraw.
  10. Fishermen and fish farmers sought for world’s largest plankton survey - Call to join vital world-wide plankton survey.