1. EAS poster prize winners announced - The tenth anniversary Lindsay Laird Award was presented to Fransisco Guardiola at today’s European Aquaculture Europe (AE2017) event in Dubrovnik.
  2. Live storage of haddock proves promising - Capturing haddock live and storing them for 24 hours in tanks prior to slaughter can dramatically improve the catch quality, according to new research.
  3. Salten hatchery ready for business - SalmoBreed Salten’s new land-based ova production plant is now ready to house the first batch of broodstock, following a year of hectic construction.
  4. Boost for fishmeal and fish oil sustainability - The aquaculture feed industry has been praised for its role in increasing the sustainability of the world’s reduction fisheries.
  5. Turning a profit on aquaculture waste - A new deal which could help to create value from sludge produced by the aquaculture industry has been signed this week.
  6. First batch produced by new fish vaccine facility - Benchmark’s £17 million state-of-the-art vaccine antigen production facility in Braintree has now processed its first commercial-scale batch of antigen, which will be used in a number of new aquacultu…
  7. Polyculture project launched in Myanmar - A new project that aims to improve the productivity, profitability and development outcomes of systems that combine the culture of fish and rice in Mayanmar has been launched by WorldFish today.
  8. Aquaculture high on MASTS agenda - A study that could aid the search for the development of a vaccine against sea lice in salmon, how environmental enrichment can impact cleanerfish welfare, and plans to further the scientific assessme…
  9. New addition to feed delivery fleet - A new 81.5-metre vessel with a capacity for up to 2,700 tonnes of fish feed will be put into service for BioMar in two weeks’ time.
  10. Feed trials kick off at new RAS facility - Feed trials are now underway at the new Coppens RAS research facility, which opened in the Netherlands last month.

Articles and Market Reports

  1. Rainbow trout fry syndrome (RTFS) explained - In the first installment of a new series of articles by members of the Fish Vet Group’s team of global fish health specialists, Virginia Iglesias looks at the health challenges posed by RTFS.
  2. Money for old rope? - The £1.7 million Stepping Stone mussel hatchery project in Shetland is showing very encouraging results, reports Tom Morton.
  3. Mediterranean finfish farming: a comprehensive review - A comprehensive overview of the development of Europe’s marine finfish aquaculture industry over the last five years is now available to view online.
  4. A genetic blueprint for African aquaculture - Plans to produce a model means of improving the efficiency of aquaculture production in Africa have moved ahead, following a meeting hosted by WorldFish in Lusaka last week.
  5. Certification success adds mussel to marketing strategy - Gaining Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) accreditation for its rope-grown mussels last week will act as an added incentive for Loch Fyne Oysters (LFO) to achieve its ambitious growth targets, acc…
  6. Fish Vet Group lands CMS and lumpfish specialist - Fish Vet Group Norge has recently hired Marta Alarcón – a fish health specialist with a strong background in researching cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) in Atlantic salmon and diseases in lumpfish.
  7. Algae can spearhead a culinary revolution - Revolutionary substitutes for salmon and tuna, made from marine microalgae, are due to be launched commercially in the EU next year, thanks to the development of novel technologies by a team of French…
  8. Oysters loom large in Fish 2.0 finals - Eight of the 40 companies to reach the finals of this year’s Fish 2.0 competition are involved in, or have links to, the culture of bivalves – a measure of the innovative ideas emerging from, and bein…
  9. Could farmed salmon become the world’s most sustainable source of protein? - Farmed salmon has the scope to become the most sustainable source of healthy protein in the world, according to a representative of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI).
  10. From small fry to big fish: the end of salmon crofting in Shetland - Over a few short decades, the shape of Shetland’s salmon aquaculture sector went from small-scale crofting by prosperous local heroes to corporate mega-business. Tom Morton surveys the industry landsc…