1. Plans to build Canada's largest salmon farm put on ice - The largest salmon farming project in Canada’s history has been cast into doubt, after a court ruled that further environmental impact assessments were require before a final decision could be made on…
  2. Toothfish on the road to recovery - Once under threat from illegal fishing, 60 percent of the global catch of Patagonian toothfish is now MSC certified.
  3. Nutriad sponsors major aquaculture events in Asia - With one major event, each month in the coming period, Nutriad is investing in showcasing its products and services across the Asian region.
  4. The true extent of trawl damage revealed - Benthic communities can take more than 6 years to recover from a single pass by a hydraulic dredger, according to the results of a new international study into the impacts of various trawl systems.
  5. Four more join Global Salmon Initiative - Four salmon producers – Australis Seafoods, Bjørøya, Midt-Norsk Havbruk and Nova Sea – have joined the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) today.
  6. North Sea cod stocks back to sustainable levels - The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has awarded North Sea cod its gold standard for sustainability today, in a move that’s been broadly welcomed by fishermen, politicians and conservation organisatio…
  7. Upgrade for marine ingredient standard - An updated standard that should help ensure that aquaculture feed producers can source sustainable marine ingredients has been launched today.
  8. Genetic breakthrough in disease-resistant seaweed search - Research conducted into the genetic make-up of a resilient red alga has taken scientists a step closer to breeding disease-resistant seaweed.
  9. Open access for snow and king crab review - A summary of scientific research relevant to the king crab and snow crab fisheries has been made freely available.
  10. Alaska fish factor: salmon prices soar - As predicted, Alaskan fishermen are getting higher prices for their salmon this year. It’s good news following a 2016 season that saw lackluster catches in all regions but Bristol Bay, a failure of pi…

Articles and Market Reports

  1. Are smarter fish happier fish? - There is increasing evidence that farmers can augment brain growth in their fish by mimicking aspects of their natural habitat in farm sites. But, from a welfare point of view, are bigger brains a ble…
  2. Europe's first farmed yellowtail nears commercial launch - One of the planet’s most sought-after sashimi species could hold the key to profitable land-based aquaculture, according to the head of Kingfish Zeeland.
  3. Urchin confidential - Samantha Andrews blind tastes sea urchin roes on behalf of The Fish Site.
  4. Feeding the needs of African aquaculture - Following the successful debut of the World Aquaculture Society’s debut conference in sub-Saharan Africa, The Fish Site spoke to Niels Lundgaard, Commercial Director of Africa for Aller Aqua Group – w…
  5. Shrimp in India: prospects for growth? - In the first installment of a new series for The Fish Site, Rabobank's Gorjan Nikolik discusses trends in India's shrimp industry.
  6. Moving cod in mysterious ways - Live capture of cod, which can then be sold off-season at a premium price, is currently gaining ground in Norway.
  7. Codfish creamsicles, anyone? - Salmon ice cream scoops Alaskan seafood award.
  8. Environmental DNA sampling shows huge potential for aquaculture - The success of a project that used a cutting-edge genetic technique to assess the presence of water-borne pathogens in Australia's barramundi sector shows the huge potential the technique has to offer…
  9. Cooke chooses Shetland firm for workboat - Cooke Aquaculture Scotland has contracted Shetland shipyard Malakoff to build a new 14 m catamaran workboat.
  10. Deep Trekker launches latest ROV - A new ROV designed for the aquaculture industry has been launched by Deep Trekker this week.