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nutritive metals in rainbow trout diets

Nicolas R. Bury, Paul A. Walker, and Chris N. Glover from the King’s College London, School of Health and Life Sciences, have published a report entitled Nutritive metal uptake in teleost fish. From the abstract: Transition metals are essential for … Continue reading

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The potential of duckweed as a high-protein feed resource has been reported here previously. Bui Xuan Men, Brian Ogle, and T R Preston have published research findings entitled Use of restricted broken rice in duckweed based diets for fattening Common … Continue reading

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Black sea bass (Centropristis striata)

Charles F. Cotton has published a 2002 MSc thesis entitled Optimizing Growth for Aquaculture of Juvenile Black Sea Bass Centropristis Striata L. : Effects Of Temperature, Salinity, Commercial Diet and Feeding Ration. The abstract notes: A new market has emerged … Continue reading

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