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Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) on Niue Island

Craig Schiller, from the Zoology Department, The University Of Queensland, Australia, authored a report entitled Assessment of the Status of the Coconut Crab Birgus latro on Niue Island with recommendations regarding an appropriate resource management strategy. The report (now available … Continue reading

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mangroves and shrimp farms

Mangroves have always naturally protected tropical coastlines from erosion. More recently, shrimp farms have applied pressures to the natural forests. In response to the clearing of the forests, mangrove ‘greenbelts’ are being used to prevent coastal erosion. Joan Martinez-Alier, from … Continue reading

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yabbie farming in Australia

The Australian Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation has published The New Rural Industries – A handbook for Farmers and Investors. Of interest to prospective yabbie farmers and aquaculturalists in general is the chapter on yabbie farming. The web page … Continue reading

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freshwater prawn feeding

Ruben Manik, writing in Formulated Feeds for Freshwater Prawn: The so-called giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, is widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific region, ranging from Australia to New Guinea to Indus River delta. This species has emerged in the last … Continue reading

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the crayfish – T.H. Huxley

A free version on Huxley’s classic book The Crayfish is maintained on online by Rich Palmer, at the University of Alberta. The book is subtitled: ‘An introduction to the study of zoology’. I particularly enjoy the ‘kinder, gentler’ writing style … Continue reading

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