Lynsey, stacking rocks at Breaker Bay, Wellington, April 2006.

Hello, my name is Lynsey Gedye.

I write this aquaculture e-zine to report on aquaculture resources found on the net, including interviews, reviews, deep web discoveries and links to reports and research from around the world. You can use this site to help find aquaculture, aquafarming, and fish farming resources on the net.

I completed a Masters in Communications degree, based in Poneke – Wellington, Aotearoa – New Zealand. My research projects have included how New Zealand religious and spiritual organisations use their web sites to communicate; and, how accessible are New Zealand government web sites. I expect to undertake further research on similar topics in the future. In addition to writing here about aquaculture, I also write about seeing and exploring the edges and margins – I believe that every day is a Fresh New Day.

This picture of me was taken by my wife, Marica Sevelj, at Breaker Bay, with the heads of Wellington Harbour behind me, in April, 2006. I am learning about writing while writing about learning. I enjoy creating these stone sculptures – there’s no deep meaning behind them, I just find the experience of creating them a fun, meditative exercise. I like to take photos or make drawings of the works as part of the full project.

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AkoNetNZ is the web presence of my wife and myself. We both work in the education field and from time-to-time accept commissions to undertake projects which meet our criteria of being rewarding, interesting, and make contributions to the greater good. If you wish to contact me either use the contact page, or I can be emailed at lynsey dot gedye at gmail dot com, or lynsey_gedye (skype).

Yes, we do accept commissions to design, create, and host web sites – needless to say we’re particularly interested in creating blog spaces, and accessible web sites in general. We’ve found using WordPress to be a particularly fast and effective way of building content managed sites for people with not enough time (or interest) to be bothered with learning XHTML, but who need a web presence. We partner with a group of creative companies and individuals, and we are able to offer web hosting as well as our design services. Again, if you wish to contact me I can be emailed at lynsey dot gedye at gmail dot com, or lynsey_gedye (skype), or use the contact page.

What’s ako?
Ako is a New Zealand Maori word and refers to a holistic approach to education where the teacher can become the learner and the learner can become the teacher. There’s always someone who knows more about a subject than you do and there’s always someone who knows less. It acknowledges we can all be learners as well as teachers.

Finally, thank you, dear reader, for stopping by. I hope your time spent here has been interesting and uplifting. Please visit again.