keeping native fish as pets

image of shiner from Native Fish Conservancy is about preserving the North American aquatic heritage. A group of like-minded conservationists, they are seeking other people, willing to donate time and skills to the ongoing development and production of the e-newsletter, the web site, and marketing. The Native Fish Conservancy is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation. Although their emphasis is on North American species, no doubt they would welcome international members. From a more commercial aquacultural perspective, a lot can be learned from people who keep fish as a hobby – people who have the time and resources to carefully develop breeding, feeding, and raising strategies that could be scaled into full scale commercial enterprises.

Update (Dec 2010) – sadly, the Native Fish Conservancy seems to have met an untimely end. The above link is via the Internet Archive. If any of the former webmaster/site managers are out there please feel free to make contact.

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  2. saiful says:

    I am interested on your aquaculture developpment.
    Please do not hesitate to contact or email me at if anyone need our qualified bangus fry from Bali Indonesia.

    Thx n B’regards,
    Saiful Arif

  3. MS. Maulana says:

    Thanks for this informing article. Cause in my country many kind of Native Fishes seemed to be able to keep as pets.

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