Marine Aquaculture: Opportunities for Growth

image of Marine Aquaculture book cover from Aquaculture: Opportunities for Growth (1992) is available, online as a free book (.pdfs), and also can be bought as a hard copy. The big advantage of the .pdf document, apart from the agreeable price, is the ability to search on any word, across the document.

The authors, the Committee on Assessment of Technology and Opportunities for Marine Aquaculture in the United States, and the Marine Board, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, National Research Council appear to have completed a comprehensive job – the Table of Contents:

Front Matter i-xii
Executive Summary 1-8
Introduction 9-19
Status of Aquaculture 20-63
Policy Issues 64-91
Environmental Issues 92-115
Engineering and Research 116-157
Information Exchange, Technology Transfer, and Education 158-168
Conclusions and Recommendations 169-177
Bibliography 178-205
Appendix A: Review of World Aquaculture 206-231
Appendix B: Freshwater Aquaculture in the United States 232-240
Appendix C: Federal Marine Aquaculture Policy 241-152
Appendix D: Sociocultural Aspects of Domestic Marine Aquaculture 253-268
Appendix E: Committee Biographies 269-273
Appendix F: Participants in Special Sessions 274-276
Index 277-290

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