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Abalone Mabe Pearls

Alfred J. Römer has published a report about the pearl cultivation in New Zealand – specifically on the pearls and abalone (Paua – Haliotis iris) cultured by Rainbow Abalone Ltd©, New Plymouth, New Zealand. From the report: This sea snail, … Continue reading

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Sea cucumbers – Bêche-de-mer

Sea cucumbers (Bêche-de-mer) are echinoderms – in the class Holothuroidea. They are generally scavengers, feeding on plankton and other organic debris in the bottom sediments. They often found in substantial numbers beneath fish farms. Sea cucumbers are considered delacacies in … Continue reading

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Catalog of Fishes

The Catalog of Fishes is searchable, for free, online; courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences. It is also available as three, hardbound books. The catalog covers more than 53,000 species and subspecies, over 10,000 genera and subgenera, and includes … Continue reading

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