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Cold Water Fisheries in the Trans-Himalayan Countries

T. Petr and D.B. Swar have edited and published, at the FAO, a report (2002) entitled Cold Water Fisheries in the Trans-Himalayan Countries. The abstract: The trans-Himalayan region encompasses a number of countries situated in the midland and highland areas … Continue reading

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sea farming and sea ranching in china

Jiansan Jia and Jiaxin Chen, have published a paper (2001) entitled Sea Farming and Sea Ranching in China. The abstract: The various sea farming and sea ranching practices used in the People’s Republic of China are reviewed, based on published … Continue reading

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use of probiotic bacteria in crab hatcheries

The Culture and Management of Scylla Species (CAMS) project was a collaboration among four institutions worldwide – the University of Wales (Bangor) in the United Kingdom, Artemia Reference Center of the University of Ghent in Belgium, Can Tho University in … Continue reading

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mud (mangrove) crabs II

A great deal of research into mud crab husbandry at academic levels and at more grassroot levels has been undertake in the Philippines. Esperanza A. Santos and Leah Charito T. Tambolero have written about a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic … Continue reading

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mud (mangrove) crabs

Mud crabs, Scylla spp., also known as mangrove crabs, occur naturally in association with mangrove swamps and nearby intertidal and subtidal muddy habitats. Mud crabs can exceed 3kg in body weight, yielding high volumes of delicate flavoured meat and are … Continue reading

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