Tilapia Farm Business Management and Economics

tilapia image from www.fishfarming.comAfter shrimp and salmon, tilapia is the third most imported aquaculture product (by weight – over 56,000 tons in 2001) into the United States, according to fishfarming.com.

Carole R. Engle and Ivano Neira from the Aquaculture/Fisheries Center at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Arkansas have published a free download (.pdf) document entitled: Tilapia Farm Business Management and Economics:A Training Manual.

The manual offers information initially from the perspective of a farming or investor considering establishing a tilapia-based farm business, using experience and models developed in Kenya. Tilapia has become so widespread and so well documented that almost any dataset can probably be reproduced consistently almost anywhere with only minor regional variance.

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