Spawning Tinfoil Barbs (Barbodes schwanenfeldi) in Hawaii

image of wild tinfoil barbs from www.ecologyasia.comRichard Bailey and Brian Cole (Aquaculture Extension Agents, Sea Grant Extension Service, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii) have published a report documenting techniques for spawning the tinfoil barb. The report is available as a free download (.pdf) from the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture. It is entitled: CTSA #136. Bailey, R. and B. Cole. 1999. Spawning the Tinfoil Barb, Barbodes schwanenfeldi, in Hawaii. 8 pp.

From the report:

The tinfoil barb, Barbodes schwanenfeldi, is a common fish found in the international aquarium trade and food markets in Southeast Asia. Tinfoil barbs are a peaceful fish that can reach a length greater than 40 centimeters or 16 inches, and like other, larger barbs, can often live more than 10 years in captivity. In nature, tinfoil barbs are primarily macrophages; that is, they feed on vascular aquatic plants. However, they will eat most commercially prepared diets consisting of vegetable and fish meal proteins.

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