Freshwater Fish Farming in Virginia, USA

image of largemouth bass from Cooperative Extension is a product of cooperation among local, state, and federal governments in partnership with tens of thousands of citizens, who, through local Extension Leadership Councils, help design, implement and evaluate Cooperative Extension’s needs-driven programs. As part of their information service, authors: Louis A. Helfrich, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor, Fisheries D. J. Orth, Assistant Professor, Fisheries R. J. Neves, Adjunct Professor, Fisheries Virginia Tech have published a summary document about selecting the right freshwater fish to raise or farm in Virginia, USA. The document also includes some analysis of non-fish freshwater species such as frogs, and aquatic vegetables e.g. water chestnuts.

From their introduction:

In Virginia and throughout the United States, interest in fish farming for profit or as a hobby has increased in the past few years. Encouraged by the success of trout farmers in western states and catfish farmers in southern states, prospective fish farmers question if similar opportunities exist in Virginia’s fresh waters.

The prospects for fish farming in Virginia range from very good to poor depending on the objectives (commercial or noncommercial), the economic and water resources available, and the type of fish selected for growing. In this publication we present basic information on fish farming and discuss some of the opportunities and problems involved with growing certain freshwater fish and other aquatic animals in Virginia.

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