sustainable polychaeta marine worm farming

Polychaeta marine worms - image from

Aquabait Marine Worm Farms (New South Wales, Australia) propagates polychaeta (segmented) marine worms, highly sought after as bait for recreational and sport fishing. Since 1996, Aquabait has developed the techniques and facilities to be able to sustainably propagate and grow-out marine worms in commercial volumes. The worms are presently available either alive or preserved (frozen).

Environmental pressures has meant the traditional methods of digging these marine worms for bait is now done by licensed diggers. Aquabait Marine Worm Farm’s unique facility provides alternative bait and aquaculture feed products for the market without exploiting the natural stocks or damage to the fragile intertidal zones.

Aquabait uses the cooling water from the Eraring Power Station’s outlet channel, on Lake Macquarie catchment, New South Wales. The warm water ensures increased growth rates and consistent yields all year round. Settlement ponds and the filtering system of the ponds creates an outflow of clean water from the farm.

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