rfa: cage system aquaculture

Bainbridge firm’s underwater fish cages like suspension bridges & ‘Guilt-free’ fish farming arrives

Both news are on the Sea Stations Aquaculture. I live in East Coast of Malaysia, where Monsoon is harsh from September till March. Would it be viable for those cage system being used along the coast as an alternative for its fishing industries? The littoral coast are populated with poor villages with agrarian-fishing based economy. Mostly a near-deep fisheries, since well-equipped boats are limited. A Monsoon would spelled months of dearth sea-outing by this poor fishermen. I’m a Marine Eng. by training not an Oceanographer or Marine Biologist, so my knowledge in aquaculture is quite limited. It would be great if you could directed me to a number of journal concering aquaculture activity in South East Asia. I’m hoping other than the traditional cage being used by the locals.

I recently received the above Request For Advice. I’m looking for some suitable sources. Meanwhile, if there are any experts or cage aquaculturalists reading who would like to share their experience please feel free to help with a comment.

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  1. daftsavant says:

    Thanks for your effort. Although a public announcement like this took me by surprise.

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