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learning and teaching ichthyology

The guide disappeared offline for a while and I was worried that the online draft guide to learning and teaching ichthyology was lost and gone forever. But it’s back. This online course is free, and uses the data sets. … Continue reading

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the crayfish – T.H. Huxley

A free version on Huxley’s classic book The Crayfish is maintained on online by Rich Palmer, at the University of Alberta. The book is subtitled: ‘An introduction to the study of zoology’. I particularly enjoy the ‘kinder, gentler’ writing style … Continue reading

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aquaculture for youth and youth educators

In May, 1993, Eileen M. McVey produced a revised edition of Aquaculture for Youth and Youth Educators, National Agricultural Library Aquaculture Information Center. The document – a curriculum and teacher resource – is hosted by This revision of the … Continue reading

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starting an aquaculture business

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has produced a brief overview of aquaculture and a checklist of questions to ask yourself before getting starting in an aquaculture venture. The focus is on starting an aquaculture enterprise in … Continue reading

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