backyard aquaculture in Hawaii

Backyard Aquaculture in Hawaii: A Practical Manual by James Szyper, Ph.D., is available as a free .pdf download.

This large document (93 pages), is written for the beginning aquaculturist. It focuses which plants and animals to grow, and how to grow them with a minimum investment in land and equipment. The basics are covered, and then there’s added value with information on such subjects as pond management and water recycling. The manual has numerous valuable tables and drawings. While this manual is written to be an effective guide to backyard aquaculture for Hawaii, the principles hold true anywhere.

In this book, the terms “backyard” and “small-scale” generally refer to systems larger than home aquariums, but no larger than ponds of about one acre, a size range that takes in many possibilities. Many excellent books on aquarium-keeping are available for people with that interest, and a great number of works have been written on large-scale commercial aquaculture.

This book will provide a starting point and information source for individuals interested in learning more about backyard aquaculture, or in starting up a small-scale culture system. It will present information to help you decide whether this kind of activity will be possible and enjoyable for you; suggest an orderly approach to maximize your chances for success; present some detail on how to accomplish necessary tasks and start up some specific culture systems; and serve as a source of reference materials for further or more detailed reading.

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