yellowtail kingfish

It is becoming apparent that yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi have an exciting potential as an aquaculture species. They can grow to a maximum size of 2.5 metres (over 8 feet) or 70kg (approximately 140 pounds), but are more commonly found at 100 cm (approximately 3 feet) or 10-15 kg (approximately 20 – 30 pounds). In good conditions wild yellowtail kingfish may grow up to 3.0 kg (6 pounds) in 12 months. Yellowtail has a distinctive yellow tail fin with a body colour ranging from grey-green to blue-green, with a yellowish brown stripe along its sides. They are streamlined and can swim very quickly.

According to research published by the Government of South Australia Primary Industries and Resources Aquaculture, yellowtail kingfish are ideally grown out in high quality seawater with very low turbidity. In open systems using sea cages, the tidal or current flow needs to be sufficient to remove uneaten food, faeces and soluble waste products such as ammonia and maintain a dissolved oxygen concentration above 4mg/L. PIRSA have also published a FAQ on yellowtail kingfish.

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  1. Jerry Shapcotte says:

    I am interested in the development of a yellowtail kingfish aquaculture farm in Papua New Guinea and am sourcing information

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