yellow perch

Yellow perch image from wikimedia.orgPerch are attracting increasing interest as a species suitable for aquaculture. Wheeler (1996) reported perch reaching 500mm (20″) and 4.75 kg (10.5 pounds) in Europe, but Lake (1971) recorded a perch weighing 10.4 kg (22.9 pounds) in Australia.

Recent Danish research show that perch has a good farming potential. It is suggested by the Danish Institute for Fisheries Research (DFU) that perch could complement rainbow trout and eel, the traditional farmed species in Denmark. The Danish Institute for Fisheries Research (DFU) is also available in English.

According to yellow perch research published by Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc; yellow perch is capable of yielding 45% edible flesh, more than tilapia or catfish, and the tasty flesh freezes and stores well. Perch survive in a wide variety of water conditions, temperatures and salinities.

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2 Responses to yellow perch

  1. kevin says:

    are the yellow perch a noxious fish in nz, if not where can i buy some for a large dam on my property.

  2. lynsey says:

    Hi Kevin
    Suggest you contact Mahurangi Technical Institute. I believe they have been producing perch spawn for the export market, and would be able to provide good advice. Many naturalised perch populations in NZ are stunted through overcrowding so I’d recommend you get some advice in order to consistently produce table sized fish. I expect you will need to have discussions with MAF and/or DOC before introducing the perch. Good luck, please let’s know how it works out.

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