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African Catfish (Clarias sp.) potential

In 1998-1999 the Nefisco Foundation implemented the Homestead Magur (catfish) Culture Programme, also known as the Chari in the Bari programme in the Compartmentalization Pilot Project in Bangladesh. With this programme they tried to reach the poorest of the poor, … Continue reading

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Australian fish names

The Australian Fish Names Committee have recently launched a web site to support consumers and industry with fish names. The Australian Fish Names List is also available in csv and .pdf (which is the most recently approved (official) version of … Continue reading

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Tilapias as Alien Aquatics in Asia and the Pacific: A Review

Sena S. De Silva, Rohana P. Subasinghe, Devin M. Bartley, and Alan Lowther; from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) authored a review (FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 453. Rome, FAO. 2004. 65p.) on tilapia as … Continue reading

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backyard aquaculture in Hawaii

Backyard Aquaculture in Hawaii: A Practical Manual by James Szyper, Ph.D., is available as a free .pdf download. This large document (93 pages), is written for the beginning aquaculturist. It focuses which plants and animals to grow, and how to … Continue reading

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uses for water hyacinth

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) usually floats free in large masses but may be rooted in the mud. The plants may range from a few inches to as much as 90cm (3 feet) in height. They have slender rootstocks with rosettes … Continue reading

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