Barramundi Farming in southern Australia

image of farmed barramundi from The Office of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia has produced a fact sheet about the farming Barramundi (Lates calcarifer Bloch, 1790) in South Australia.

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in Victoria, have produced a set of guidelines for farming barramundi in the State of Victoria.

The material produced by the Victorian DPI is more focussed on the administrative and legislative requirements than the South Australia focus on the husbandry of Barramundi.

Barramundi are a tropical fish and, in South Australia, they must be reared in a totally enclosed temperature controlled environment. They cannot survive in outdoor ponds south of their natural distribution. The farms consist of a fully enclosed, insulated building in which grow-out tanks are housed. A biological filter treats the dissolved wastes in the water, while at the same time providing aeration. General biological water quality requirements for barramundi are as follows:





20 – 38o C

28.5o C


0 – 35 ppt



6.5 – 8


Dissolved oxygen

6 – 12 ppm

11 ppm

Un-ionised ammonia

0 – 0.04 ppm

0 ppm


0 – 0.04 ppm

0 ppm


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