Oyster culture in Korea – a joint study with USA

Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oysters, 'Cham-Gull') from shellfish.cheju.ac.krA joint study on bay ecosystem modelling with oysters has been undertaken in Korea by Korean and USA universities. Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) or Cham-Gull as they’re locally known, have been the focus of this study.

The study was undertaken in Kamakman Bay – a semi-closed bay, famous for its oyster culture. In 1995, a total of 191,156 metric tons of oysters were produced in Korea using aquaculture. Some 20% of the total oyster yields were from Kamakman Bay. The Kamakman Bay area is also certified as “clean sea” by the USA FDA and is therefore suitable for oyster productions. Oysters produced in this bay are exported to the USA.

The oysters are cultured using hanging rope lines and rifters (buoys). The local government lease (license) the oyster grounds to the growers. Each grower may get one to two hectare of the sea surface as a oyster farm. The growers also form unions to assist each other with the oyster husbandry. There are two oyster grower unions in the area.


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