Managing Mississippi Farm Ponds and Small Lakes

farm dam image from of poor planning, improper construction, or lack of proper management, many Mississippi lakes and ponds are relatively unproductive. A pond that consistently produces good catches of fish is a result of proper planning, construction, and management. The purpose of this publication is to encourage Mississippi landowners to plan, construct, and manage their ponds and lakes properly for recreational fishing.

The information contained in this document is applicable to other locations – both within the US and beyond.

A good pond depends on location, design, construction, stocking, and management. After the pond is completed, success or failure depends on the landowner’s using necessary practices to establish and maintain good fish populations. Proper stocking of the right species and number, a balanced harvest of mature fish, proper fertilization, water quality management, and aquatic weed control are basics the pond owner should understand. Many unmanaged ponds could produce many more pounds of fish than they now produce if good management practices were followed. The annual harvest of fish can provide hours of recreation, pounds of nutritious food, and supplemental income.


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