Thailand freshwater biotope

Siamensis Group was formed by a group of people who met online. Their love of freshwater fish and aquatic plants brought them together to make their dream come true – a website about Thai fish and their husbandry. Siamensis Group is an independent non-profit group working to save Thai freshwater fish, aquatic plants, and their habitat.

They note there seems to be fewer and fewer clean bodies of fresh water for fish to live. Illegal deforestation, damming, and polluted water from factories represent a direct impact to the rivers and ponds the fish and plants called home. Some fish species are now declining at a very fast pace; some are feared already extinct.

The Siamensis Group’s ultimate goal is to make sure the continuous existence of Thai fish and plants. They believe that if people are aware of what aquatic life is in the water around them, they would like to protect it. The main part of their website is dedicated to reports from their survey trips. In the survey reports they note what species of fish and plants were found. If possible, they re-visit the location to collect more data and to update the current situation. Most of the reports are written in Thai, some English translations can be found at the bottom of the page. There are beautiful photographs on all pages, so even if you can’t read in Thai, the pages are well worth a look.

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