Gender issues in aquaculture

image of Women checking cages, Bangladesh. Kenny McAndrew. from The crucial roles women play in aquaculture production have been explored at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland.

For example in Cambodia, higher yields are obtained from fish ponds managed mainly by women. In Thailand and China, they often bear the sole responsibility of farm and aquaculture production because of male migration to cities. However, women’s contribution to aquaculture is often unrecognised and the real benefits from their involvement in the activity are not objectively assessed. This is surprising given that small-scale aquaculture development is increasingly considered as a means by which the livelihoods of the poor, including women, could be improved.

The results contained in a final project report by: Brugere, C., Kusakabe, K., Kelkar, G., Felsing, M. and Muir, J.F. (2001) Women in Aquaculture. Project FWG 03/99, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, Singapore; is fascinating reading.


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