Lagoon farming giant clams (Tridacna sp.)

Giant clams have long been a culturally important resource throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific. Their meat has been traditionally used as a subsistence food source. The shell also has many uses for both practical and decorative purposes, being used to make dishes, tools, jewelry and ornaments. In more recent times, the meat has become a delicacy and is even considered an aphrodisiac in some Asian and Pacific markets. The most recent use for the more brightly colored species of giant clam is as a living decoration in home and public aquariums.

The purpose of this fact sheet is to alert prospective farmers to the economic benefits of giant clam farming and also to describe the sites, equipment, and commitment needed to become a successful clam farmer. In addition, there are sections that provide a general description of giant clam farming and information on where to obtain seed clams and get further help in starting a farm.

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