Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms

Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms by John E. Bardach, John H. Ryther, William O. McLarney ‘Husbandry of aquatic organisms, though a novelty to much of the world, has been practiced through the ages’

Back in the days before Amazon, I finally found a copy of the 1972 edition in Hong Kong, and I couldn’t wait to get back to the Combined Services Club where I was staying to read it. I took the book to read while looking at the fish farming techniques practised in the farming areas surrounding Guangzhou.

The copy mentioned here is a later edition that the original I hold, but for me the book is still perhaps the classic text review of aquaculture from an international perspective.

The perspective is broad without being overly generic – perhaps most accurately captured by Amazon’s database’s inability to deal with the range (each of the following are links within the Amazon site):
Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs): (learn more)
milkfish culture, carp culturists, sugpo prawn, yellowtail culture, mata merah, pen spawning, freshwater pond culture, controlled natural rearing, milkfish ponds, fertilization and supplementary feeding, mullet culture, commercial culturists, oyster culturists, artificially induced spawning, bund spawning, pond polyculture, tadpole bottles, experimentally cultured, monosex culture, milkfish farmers, carp culture, commercial fish culture, sturgeon culture, intragravel water, spat collection

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