Barramundi Farming – Queensland, Australia

Barramundi image from the Aquaculture Association of Queensland web site
In May 2005, while attending a conference in Sydney (about blogging, rather than aquaculture) I was offered fresh barramundi at the restaurant we were dining at. The price was $A 26 for the meal. I saw $A 28 for a main course featuring barramundi at another restaurant. Barramundi was presented as a somewhat exotic, seasonal species, and this surprised me given the level of farming expertise.

The Queensland Department of State Development and Innovation has produced an overview of barramundi farming in Queensland.

The Aquaculture Association of Queensland web site outlines more information relating to the everyday production of the variety of farmed species, including Gold, Silver, and Jade Perch, Sleepy, Murray, and Mary River Cod, Australian Bass, Red Claw, Sooty Grunter, Saratoga, eels, and aquarium fish.


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