A fishy tale at Challenger TAFE, West Australia

Challenger TAFE’s aquaculture development unit has won a $AU600,000 federal grant to test an innovative aquaculture system that it developed in conjunction with an industry partner, McRobert Aquaculture Systems. The semi-intensive floating tank system, nicknamed SIFTS, featured on the ABC?s New Inventors programme in May 2005.

The SIFTS technology will be suitable for growing fish in freshwater and marine environments as well as in saline ponds in inland areas of Australia. Challenger TAFE’s research partners are CY O’Connor College of TAFE and Murdoch University. Australian Fisheries and Conservation Minister Senator Ian Macdonald said SIFTS showed considerable promise as it would allow for growing large numbers of fish at low cost, and with minimal environmental impacts. “SIFTS consists of specially designed floating tanks that sit within an inland saline pond, using the water while ensuring that the wastes are retained or used for fertilising certain crops such as fodder and turf,” Macdonald said.

Campus Review Vol 15, No. 21, page 10. 1 June 2005. title: A fishy tale at Challenger. www.campusreview.com.au

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