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Marron culture in West Australia

Marron (Cherax tenuimanus) is a very large freshwater crayfish native to the main permanent rivers in the forested, high rainfall areas in the south west of Western Australia. They can be farmed in other areas of Australia, but they prefer … Continue reading

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Managing Mississippi Farm Ponds and Small Lakes

Because of poor planning, improper construction, or lack of proper management, many Mississippi lakes and ponds are relatively unproductive. A pond that consistently produces good catches of fish is a result of proper planning, construction, and management. The purpose of … Continue reading

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Thailand freshwater biotope

Siamensis Group was formed by a group of people who met online. Their love of freshwater fish and aquatic plants brought them together to make their dream come true – a website about Thai fish and their husbandry. Siamensis Group … Continue reading

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Australian Aquaculture and the AAHL Fish Diseases Laboratory

The strength of Australian aquaculture lies in its disease-free status and reputation for providing clean, green products. Many serious infectious diseases, which limit aquaculture production overseas, remain exotic (foreign) to Australia. However, experience overseas shows that as fish production intensifies, … Continue reading

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Gender issues in aquaculture

The crucial roles women play in aquaculture production have been explored at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland. For example in Cambodia, higher yields are obtained from fish ponds managed mainly by women. In Thailand and China, they … Continue reading

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